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G4S Complicity in Israeli Prisons and Checkpoints

G4S provides security services and equipment for Israeli prisons that routinely violate the human rights of Palestinian children and adults. This has led international leaders including Archbishop Desmond Tutu to speak out against G4S complicity in violations of international law. Who Profits, a research project of the Coalition of Women for Peace, has conducted extensive research […]

Fraud and Mismanagement

G4S has repeated been investigated for fraud and mismanagement of government contracts in the UK and US. Mismanagement problems are reflected in the company’s poor stock performance, and a survey of 400 business leaders found that G4S had the worst performing leadership of any company in the UK.  Despite this record, it is reported that government […]

G4S Loses Wolds Prison Contract

SOURCE: THE GUARDIAN G4S, the private company at the center of the Olympic security debacle, has lost its contract to run Britain’s first private prison and failed to win any new contracts in the biggest round of prison privatization in England and Wales so far. The Ministry of Justice said the management of the Wolds […]

Drugs and Disorder at G4S Prison of the Future

SOURCE: THE GUARDIAN An investigative report finds that G4S is hiring inexperienced staff that are incapable of keeping control of Oakwood Prison. The prison is described as a place where inexperienced staff clash with prisoners, where drugs and alcohol are more easily come by than education courses, and where vital services are hard to access. […]

Altcourse Prison Slow to React to Increasing Violence

SOURCE: ECHO NEWS Britan’s Inspectorate of Prisons has issued a report describing G4S as slow to react to increasing levels of violence. According to a report, the security strategy did not make the necessary links between drugs, gangs, and violence and little had been done to address the disproportionate number of young adults involved in […]

Rising Violence at G4S-run Birmingham Prison

SOURCE: OPEN DEMOCRACY Birmingham Prison reported a steep rise in attacks on staff and prisoners, a 46 percent rise in assaults between 2010-2012. Commenting on the increase, Frances Crook, Executive Director of the Howard League for Penal Reform stated, “Private jails make their profits from having lower staffing levels, and paying staff lower wages. In […]

Prisoner Abuse in South Africa

In October 2013, South African authorities announced that G4S was not fulfilling its obligations to operate the Manguang Prison.  As a result, the government took over management of the prison. This decision followed a series of media reports that G4S guards were engaging in widespread abuses, including use of electric shock on prisoners, beatings and forced injections […]

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Asleep at the Power Plant

Wackenhut/G4S loses contract at nuclear facilities after federal investigation shows pattern of security guards willfully inattentive and sleeping on the job. In addition to power plants, Wackenhut/G4S lost a $549 million contract to guard the Federal Y-12 complex, a prime target for terrorists because it stores tons of highly-enriched uranium.

North Carolina County Drops G4S

North Carolina County Drops Israeli Occupation Profiteer – G4S Source: Electronic Intifada Durham County in North Carolina recently voted to drop the British security firm G4S over its role in prisons across the US, at Guantanamo Bay and its ongoing contracts with the Israeli military and Israel’s prison systems, where Palestinian women, children and men are […]