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Vodka Butt-Shot Contractor STILL Guarding the Kabul Embassy

SOURCE: MOTHER JONES More than a year has passed since the State Department decided to drop its contract with the security firm protecting the US embassy in Kabul, following an international scandal featuring drunken debauchery fit for a Van Wilder flick. But the company that introduced the world to vodka butt-shots is still on the […]

Racketeering Charges Dropped Against High Level G4S/Wackenhut Employees

G4S/Wackenhut Faces Debarment From Los Angeles City Contracts

SOURCE: WISTV NEWS 10, June 26, 2007 — The City of Los Angeles is launching an investigation into security contractor Wackenhut Corporation/G4S’compliance with the city’s Responsible Contractor Policy, a probe that could result in debarment from city contracts for five years. Prior to the investigation, Wackenhut had more than $5 million annually in contracts with […]

Vodka Butt-Shot Contractor STILL Guarding the Kabul Embassy

Miami-Dade County Manager Finally Fires G4S/Wackenhut

SOURCE: NBC 6 SOUTH FLORIDA On Friday, County Manager George Burgess finally fired Wackenhut Corporation, the security firm who, according to a county audit, has been overcharging tax payers millions of dollars for work that was never done.  “Ghost posts” and “phantom billing” were just a few of the ways Wackenhut made sure they got every […]

Vodka Butt-Shot Contractor STILL Guarding the Kabul Embassy

Nuclear Site Terminates G4S Security Contract Following Nun’s Break-in

SOURCE: REUTERS The U.S. government’s “Fort Knox” of weapons-grade uranium storage has ended a contract with a unit of an international security firm two months after an 82-year-old nun and other nuclear activists broke into the site. The managing contractor at the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, site, B&W Y-12, a unit of Babcock & Wilcox Co, […]

Vodka Butt-Shot Contractor STILL Guarding the Kabul Embassy

G4S to Pay $181 Million for Electronic Tagging Scandal

SOURCE:  REUTERS The world’s biggest security firm G4S has agreed to repay $181 million plus tax to the British government after overcharging on a contract to monitor criminal offenders with electronic ankle bracelets.  The settlement raises the prospect that a ban on new work could soon be lifted. The repayment, much higher than the 24 million […]

G4S Perceived as Worst Performing Board in UK

G4S Loses Australian Contract Amid Detention Center Revamp

SOURCE:  BLOOMBERG BUSINESS G4S Plc, the world’s biggest provider of security services, lost an Australian government contractnth to provide security and welfare services at the offshore detention center at Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, according to Immigration Minister Scott Morrison for an asylum seekers detention center after an investigation found deficient safety arrangements. – […]

Human Rights Watch: Israeli Police Abuse Detained Children

G4S Loses Contract to Run Rainsbrook Youth Offender Facility

SOURCE:  THE GUARDIAN G4S has lost a contract to run the Rainsbrook secure training centre for young offenders, near Rugby in Northamptonshire. The firm will be replaced by MTCNovo, the Youth Justice Board said. The facility, which has been run by G4S for more than 16 years, was graded “inadequate” in a critical report by inspectors […]

Human Rights Watch: Israeli Police Abuse Detained Children

Asleep at the Power Plant

Wackenhut/G4S loses contract at nuclear facilities after federal investigation shows pattern of security guards willfully inattentive and sleeping on the job. In addition to power plants, Wackenhut/G4S lost a $549 million contract to guard the Federal Y-12 complex, a prime target for terrorists because it stores tons of highly-enriched uranium.