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Palestine’s youngest political prisoner welcomed back to Ramallah

SOURCE: MIDDLE EAST MONITOR Amongst a host of events to mark Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, families of political prisoners gathered outside the Ramallah offices of the International Red Cross to welcome 15 year old Khaled al-Sheikh back from prison. Khaled al-Sheikh was the youngest Palestinian locked up in the Israeli prison system following his arrest from […]

Human Rights Watch: Israeli Police Abuse Detained Children

Since March 2013, Five Boys in Prison From Town of Hares

SOURCE:  HUFFINGTON POST Since March 15, 2013, five Palestinian boys from Hares have been held in detention for alleged attempted murder by way of stone throwing. The Hares Boys are a symbol of oppressed youth under occupation rule. The events surrounding the arrests and subsequent trials held in Israel instead of the West Bank are […]

Human Rights Watch: Israeli Police Abuse Detained Children

South African prisoners sue G4S over torture claims

SOURCE: THE GUARDIAN A group of South African prisoners are suing G4S over abuse they allege they suffered in a Bloemfontein prison run by the British security company. British law firm Leigh Day, which is representing the 43 prisoners, sent an urgent letter to the company’s UK headquarters in Crawley on Thursday. The inmates claim […]

South Africa takes over G4S prison after concerns

SOURCE: THE GUARDIAN South African authorities have announced they will take over the management of a maximum security prison run by G4S after the private security contractor “lost effective control of the facility”. The South African department of correctional services (DCS) said on Wednesday that it was taking over Mangaung correctional centre outside Bloemfontein because […]

G4S abuses in South African prison still ignored