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Jury Not Told About Racist Text Messages on Guard Cell Phones

SOURCE: OPEN DEMOCRACY Jimmy Mubenga died under restraint by three G4S guards. Extreme racist texts found on two of the guards’ phones were withheld from the jury who yesterday cleared all three men of manslaughter. There were 65 extremely racist texts found on the mobile phone of Terrence Hughes, one of three G4S guards acquitted […]

US Ferguson Activists Join Protest Against Death of Jimmy Mubenga

Rainsbrook Chaos: G4S Staff Were “Racist and Under the Influence of Drugs” at Youth Prison

SOURCE:  THE GUARDIAN G4S staff at Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre were complicit in helping young offenders take drugs at the youth prison. An Ofsted report published on Wednesday (20 May) revealed security staff at the Warwickshire centre, which accommodates 87 males and females aged between 12 and 18, became so friendly with offenders they colluded […]

Investigation Exposes Abuse at G4S Youth Prison