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Angry Community Members Storm G4S Office

SOURCE:  CENSORED NEWS SPECIAL EDITION Community members burst uninvited into the Tucson offices of private security firm G4S and declared their opposition to the company’s profiteering at the expense of immigrant communities in Tucson, across the nation and throughout the world. Incensed by G4S’ role in promoting the criminalization of immigrants and the expansion of […]

G4S Lands $234 Million Contract for Detainee Transportation Along Border

Racketeering Charges Dropped Against High Level G4S/Wackenhut Employees

SOURCE:  CBS MIAMI Racketeering charges have been dropped against two high level Wackenhut employees accused of overbilling the county for Metrorail security.  Prosecutors said Thursday they couldn’t move forward with their case against Rene Pedrayes and Eduardo Esquivel.  One reason the case fell apart was because one of the state’s key witnesses, Miami-Dade police officer […]

Vodka Butt-Shot Contractor STILL Guarding the Kabul Embassy

G4S/Wackenhut Faces Debarment From Los Angeles City Contracts

SOURCE: WISTV NEWS 10, June 26, 2007 — The City of Los Angeles is launching an investigation into security contractor Wackenhut Corporation/G4S’compliance with the city’s Responsible Contractor Policy, a probe that could result in debarment from city contracts for five years. Prior to the investigation, Wackenhut had more than $5 million annually in contracts with […]

Vodka Butt-Shot Contractor STILL Guarding the Kabul Embassy

Security Company to Fork Over $7.5 Million

SOURCE: NBC NEWS 6 After an intense five-year battle, the Wackenhut security company is agreeing to pay out $7.5 million to settle allegations that company executives overbilled Miami-Dade taxpayers for years.  But despite the payout and admission of guilt, Wackenhut will be able to keep doing business with Miami-Dade County. The payout follows a series of […]

Vodka Butt-Shot Contractor STILL Guarding the Kabul Embassy

Head of G4S/Wackenhut Security Services in Florida Charged with Racketeering

SOURCE: NBC NEWS 6 The man at the head of Wackenhut Security Services in Florida at the time of a 2007 NBCMiami investigation was arrested and charged with racketeering Friday, NBCMiami has learned.  Rene Pedrayes, 49, was general manager of Wackenhut’s state operations when he left the company amid allegations that the company systematically overcharged Miami-Dade taxpayers […]

Vodka Butt-Shot Contractor STILL Guarding the Kabul Embassy

Miami-Dade County Manager Finally Fires G4S/Wackenhut

SOURCE: NBC 6 SOUTH FLORIDA On Friday, County Manager George Burgess finally fired Wackenhut Corporation, the security firm who, according to a county audit, has been overcharging tax payers millions of dollars for work that was never done.  “Ghost posts” and “phantom billing” were just a few of the ways Wackenhut made sure they got every […]

Vodka Butt-Shot Contractor STILL Guarding the Kabul Embassy

Nuclear Site Terminates G4S Security Contract Following Nun’s Break-in

SOURCE: REUTERS The U.S. government’s “Fort Knox” of weapons-grade uranium storage has ended a contract with a unit of an international security firm two months after an 82-year-old nun and other nuclear activists broke into the site. The managing contractor at the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, site, B&W Y-12, a unit of Babcock & Wilcox Co, […]

Vodka Butt-Shot Contractor STILL Guarding the Kabul Embassy