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Civil Rights Organization Demands End to Florida For-Profit Youth Prisons

SOURCE: COLORofCHANGE ColorOfChange, one of the nations’ largest civil rights organization has called on the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (FDJJ) to stop contracting with G4S and other for-profit prison contractors.  ColorOfChange specifically urged the Secretary of FDJJ to not renew any contracts with G4S that, together are valued at $120 million. According the the […]

Grand Jury Calls G4S Facility a “Disgrace”

G4S Security Guards Say They Were Fired For Whistleblowing on Sexual Abuse

SOURCE:  TCPALM Two former security guards at Martin Girls Academy are suing to get their jobs back and say they were fired in retaliation for reporting suspicions that a co-worker was having an illegal sexual relationship with an detainee who is a minor. In another report, the State of Florida is investigating a youth assault […]

Grand Jury Calls G4S Facility a “Disgrace”

Allegations that G4S Staff Rewarded Youths for Punching and Slapping Others

SOURCE: DRC INTERIM REPORT The Disability Rights Center (DRC) of Arkansas issued an interim report on the G4S-operated Arkansas Juvenile Assessment and Training Center.  The report raises serious concerns regarding a rise in assaults at the facility, verbal and physical abuse by staff, limiting youths’ access to family and attorney phone calls, and discrepancies in […]

Grand Jury Calls G4S Facility a “Disgrace”

G4S Loses Contract to Run Rainsbrook Youth Offender Facility

SOURCE:  THE GUARDIAN G4S has lost a contract to run the Rainsbrook secure training centre for young offenders, near Rugby in Northamptonshire. The firm will be replaced by MTCNovo, the Youth Justice Board said. The facility, which has been run by G4S for more than 16 years, was graded “inadequate” in a critical report by inspectors […]

Human Rights Watch: Israeli Police Abuse Detained Children

G4S Paid Author of “Independent” Youth Prison Report as Consultant

SOURCE: THE GUARDIAN According to an investigative report by the Guardian, a former prisons official who wrote a glowing “independent” report about the Rainsbrook Youth Offender Center had previously been paid thousands of pounds as a consultant for G4S.  Commenting on the report, Labor MP Tom Watson told the Guardian, “I condemn the deplorable conduct of […]

Human Rights Watch: Israeli Police Abuse Detained Children

Rainsbrook Chaos: G4S Staff Were “Racist and Under the Influence of Drugs” at Youth Prison

SOURCE:  THE GUARDIAN G4S staff at Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre were complicit in helping young offenders take drugs at the youth prison. An Ofsted report published on Wednesday (20 May) revealed security staff at the Warwickshire centre, which accommodates 87 males and females aged between 12 and 18, became so friendly with offenders they colluded […]

Investigation Exposes Abuse at G4S Youth Prison